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Author Topic: POP3 support is here!  (Read 21339 times)


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POP3 support is here!
« on: June 08, 2012, 12:37:32 am »
Need to move your Hotmail, Comcast, Verizon, or other POP3 email accounts?  POP3 support is officially here!

Starting Friday, June 8, a new option is available under 'Advanced Settings' labeled 'Protocol'.  If your mail provider only supports POP3, then fill in the appropriate information and click 'Verify'.  Note that for larger mail services, this is not necessary; we autodetect that information for you.  Try out just your username and password, and if it works, you're good to go!

Do note, though, that there are limitations with POP3 that make it less suitable than IMAP.  The biggest limitation is that only the 'INBOX' folder in a POP3 account is transferable; if you need to migrate all of your emails, you will need to move everything to your inbox first, then resort them after the migration.  Additionally, message status flags (read, replied, forwarded, etc.) are also not supported.  This isn't a limitation imposed my MoveMyMail, but instead a weakness of the protocol.

In short, the ability to move your POP3 accounts is here and it works great within the confines of POP3, but if you can do an IMAP-IMAP transfer, that's even better.

Enjoy your move!
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