Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?

You can try a transfer (of up to 250 messages) absolutely free! Once you're convinced of our awesomeness and would like to perform a full migration, it'll be a teeny-tiny $5.

Is this service safe?

Absolutely! All data between our servers and you are encrypted, and we keep it that way between your mail server and us whenever possible (there are unfortunately a few mail services out there that don't support encryption). All sensitive information is stored with industry-leading encryption, and is erased every 30 days.

How long will my transfer take?

There are many variables involved in an email migration, so it's impossible for us to give a generic answer for this that's anywhere near accurate; transfer times will vary wildly on a case-by-case basis.

Do you keep a copy of my messages?

Not at all. While we do need to download each of your emails to our servers in order to transfer it, it is immediately deleted once transferred.

Why didn't all of my emails get transferred?

This could happen for many reasons. Firstly, ensure that the destination mail account has enough space for all of the mail you're trying to transfer. Secondly, ensure that the destination has enough of a file attachment limit to support your larger emails. Note that our service detects duplicate messages and will not transfer those, so if for any reason you have duplicate messages, only one of them will be transferred.

Can I migrate my Microsoft Exchange email account with this service?

If both email accounts support IMAP then you should have no problems migrating your email. Exchange doesn't support IMAP by default, so you or your systems administrator will have to enable it and make it available outside of your firewall.

Will the migrated mail show the date of the transfer or the original date?

It will show the original date. We copy the message as-is and retain the its status (AKA flags--read/unread/replied/starred/flagged) and date.

Can you copy over contacts and calendar events as well?

Not right now, but most providers thankfully make this process pretty painless. If you need help with a manual export/import, contact us--we'd be glad to help!

What are the system requirements to use this service?

If you're able to read this, you've satisfied the requirements. With MoveMyMail, everything is browser-based, so there is absolutely nothing to download.

Do you support Hotmail and other POP3 providers?

We sure do! Just enter your username and password, and click 'Verify' to see if it's autodetected. Otherwise, click 'Advanced Settings', select POP3, and enter your server information.

Can you give me some tips on moving my domain from one server to another?

Sure, check out the following post on the topic.

Do you support international languages?

We sure do! We've done plenty of transfers with international languages already, and look forward to plenty more.

What if I have a question you did not answer?

You can post on our community forums or contact us directly.